Nightclub and Bar Bookings

About Matty

About Nightclub Bookings…

Not only am I a mobile DJ but the past couple of years I have made a presence in the nightclub scene. Putting all my past experience together. I know how to please a crowd of any age what ever the type of music they require to dance to. 

However my preferred music genres are Charty Pop, Commercial House, Deep House, EDM, Dance, RnB and Bassline.

I am still constantly learning and developing my skills to create a high energy, multi-genre style of DJing which has gained me many residences and a lot of respect in the nightclub DJing scene.

My Experience…

Over the past 2 years, I have worked with many DJs and Producers like Basshunter, Dappy, Titchy Strider, Flava D and The Stickmen. The list is getting bigger and bigger every month. I am constantly learning new tips, tricks and skills while holding down a number of weekly residences.

What I can offer you…

I am slowly building a following in and around Huddersfield and Halifax often get asked where i’m playing next. Let me show you what I’m made of and how I can take your club to the next level. Get in contact with me today!